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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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you carve out many, many expectations you have no policy so closing the loopholes is power and requires adjustment and i'm going to ask my colleagues in the classroom and departments quite frankly including us sitting here how we eat and what we do for our students in a public matter not the least of which i want to thank revolution foods for providing this evening with actual cuisine we had fire chicken it was wonderful and that was directly recommended to student input going again i want to add may thanks to everyone to participated on a
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personal note i'll say you cannot talk about social cadet for all of our students paralleling our students of color with you don't pay attention to what they're eating and providing opportunities for the type 2 diabetes and heart disease are chronic in our communities of color i know i lost how parents to those kinds of diseases we have the ability to say this will not happen to our students in san francisco remember this is social justice (clapping) so i'd like to make a few points about awhile i'll be supporting tonight policy we have a did you mention about this in the rules committee but number one it provide for breakfast in class for all the students to make sure our students get a healthy
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breakfast, and, secondly, it provides for drinking water to all students our hetch hetchy water to all students throughout the day and thirdly it requires announced healthy food and we heard from our ucsf partners about sugar addiction and the amount of sugar our kids are consume it is a far-reaching policy in terms of what is allowed. >> birthday parties we really want to encourage fruits and vegetables and we want the kids to get a nutritious meal and phase out of chocolate milk because of the value of that and number 4 it does provide for restrictions as foods for
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fundraiser at the school site and event it is very, very important brought up u out in the rules committee our educators will not be allowed to withholding recess as a way to deal with behavorial issues we're a roar active practice this is typically those kids that noted the physical activity that may currently be having their recess withheld those are major shifts but shows a enlightened policy and hope to ask for everybody cooperation in making sure it get implemented so i believe first we have a vote on the amendment that commissioner wynns moved and commissioner norton seconded. >> if we need a vote open the amendments for that the staff recommendations the staff
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concurred. >> i see i'll give it a staff recommendations then we will vote open the amendment and it will why not vote on the policy as amended roll call. >> simulating mr. chin ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton polluting ms. wynns dr. murase. >> 7 i's thank you very much. (clapping.) the next item on the agenda did board members proposals no one tonight and following that is item j request to speak regarding general matters i have 5 speaker cards again one minute i'm sorry, i
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have 8 speakers on this item again one minute per person let me call the names (calling names) please come forward to the podium. >> good evening president of the school board and commissioners on behalf of of the filipino educators of san francisco we innovative i to attend our awards stwlip u scholarship on thursday evening may 7 this year we will be it will be
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the fourth scholarship program under the international housing our organization is established the scholarship award for students grading with a 3 point zero to support them and their families going to other colleges our students have been accepted to community colleges they can be productive citizens in our community the student that applied for the scholarships are diverse representing the city high schools and the filipino educators of san francisco is commodity of well transcribed and fully credentialed teachers i'll pass out the letters of invitation to all of you.
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>> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners and strbtd i'm jerry i've retired in 2009 as the orchestra director of the schools of the art and i got involved with a friend who retired from the san francisco simplify he asked me to start an inspired program you may be familiar where the venezuela program it serves millions of children and about a hundred organizations in the united states right now in nonprofits to it is a nonprofit in a sense no charge to the school are the community in which she serve we started one at a local school and disconnected toward people of
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correspond that don't have the access we'd like like and this program's especially are addressed to get access and the achievement gap unfortunately san francisco is rich in after-school programs we end uttering up not pursuing that goal of continuing with the program with the san francisco school and went to daily city it is successful because their poor in after-school program we're up to the fourth of the school body with the program after-school program with second and third grartdz the thing about it any one of the kids up through middle will easily going git-go into the school of the arts i
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left you with a dvds a promotional video for it that basically you know shows you a thump nail have you it is a minute and a half long i hope you'll please take a look at it i wanted to say that this can be replicated again with almost no costs to the school district other than place and the last thing i want to correct a misconception people is had a couple of weeks ago i was the person responsible for a rejection and two kids were successfully at the school he was so happy with the school he did two major fundraiser and the instructor would have enjoyed that he did spain and the
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introduction was concerto i wanted to correct that. >> commissioners you should have received the dvd in our speaker materials >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening superintendent and commissioners so i only have a minute i want to dedicate the first thirty seconds for justice for freddie gray for the justice in baltimore if i could start that now thank you (silence) thank you very much so i'm here to speak today regarding a general matter a
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general issue of concern for african-americans n and apartment in the be sure custodial man advocates met with a houvenl of patents regarding the retention of school kids this is a matter that has happened for a long and want to make sure you see the recommendations we e-mailed to have you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, commissioners and superintendent carranza my name is mildred i'm a member of the kohlman advocates thaim him ear to talk about the retention have teachers the main part of staff our kids are beginning the school year without teachers and have substitutes that don't stay the year for us the teachers are not
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getting the support they need to have the people that don't want to teach our children our students a undesirable and this is impacting how kids and community that needs to happen to insure success in staff schools create a recruitment targeted for bayview and other hard to staff schools we need teachers that have - we need a strong principle because we know that with strong lisp we have a strong staff if the staff is provided incentives such as a guaranteed paraprofessional in every classroom teachers need support to be successful in classrooms and teachers in bayview school sorry about that teachers need support to be
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successful in classroom for more professional development and alp planning time for other teachers we need a better strong substitute in our schools as parents we need to be part of the process of hiring the process that teach our kids thank you very much (clapping) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening superintendent and members and district at large i'm in here on behalf of local and happy to be here where we're not negotiating a contract or have complaints we would liquor to leave with you a mission statement that we've come up with that we hope you'll read and that we plan to implement on a daily base it outlines some of the golden's
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and some of the vuld we have in the department of accounting and purchasing department of excellence we plan to achieve on a daily basis and hope as a basis of practicing oversee principles it will establish a better dialog with all of us and true maintenance of communication on issues not only at criticized time but ongoing to provide for our students addresses staff an environment it is the best they can possible have thank you very much. >> thank you. >> my name is david. >> is kilogram here. >> that will close public comment on general matter we now an item k the advisory committee
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appointments to the citizens advisory committee by board members any advisory committee appointment by the board seen we'll move on to l special order of business no one and n discussion of others issues no one and n the consent calendar roved and previous meetings for second action and superintendent carranza. >> thank you commissioner president murase so for item one 54 dash 14 k-3 the board recalls that was taken off agenda and back before the board i'm amend this in 15 core mechanics that is status quo from the same number we've had for many years this adjusts the costs the contract from 60 to 375 hundred for the core members.
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>> thank you superintendent carranza before we begin our decision all of us on the school board have been i think dated for the tfa teachers of america program unfortunately religious have been vilified and highly charged and emotional so i'd like to ask the must be to keep the discussion tonight professional we're here to do what is best for our children and keep the primary goal in his mind at this time i'll read the 28 names that have submitted the cards but first 10 minutes no support of the issue as the
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truth said a status quo in the hire of teacher of america teachers and followed by 10 minutes of opposed to the resolution and few cards people are not taking a opposed or supportive position so i'll call all the folks, i don't know which side you're on we'll entertain those in support
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(calling names) so withhold to hear 10 minutes of public comment in support one minute per individual if you don't need the full minute allow someone else to speak keep our comments brief one minute up to 10 minutes total for possession in support. >> good evening. i'm eric i'm a career quarter and i teacher for american alumni i worked for the board to approve the first contract for teachers of america this board approved it up to 50 well deversed a unanimous vote
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to approve two members sits open the board commissioner tour-sarkissian's and commissioner wynns that was absent during the vote 3 of the board members serve on the board of supervisors jane kim and others since that time we worked closely with the district to recruit experienced teachers for principles and hard to staff schools we partner with the district to bring could he initiative we've championed this and level that to bring the resources to all the schools there are hundreds have teachers for america and alumni working in participating with 40 schools in to a small majority are here tonight if you could stand up and recognize you're being in the district. >> thank you very much.
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>> thank you. next speaker please. >> good evening i am the director ofovernment affairs for teacher of america here no california i'm here to let you know there was a letter it shared misinformation about our legal implication around this contract i'm here to clarify no legal implication that precludes the board from adapting the contract all our teachers will continue to be compliant with state and federal regulations in addition, we want to be clear this contract did not impossibility the district to hire tfa teachers it enters into a partnership to help recruit talented and exists individuals who will prepare with the district help place in front of the precipitates so promises
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have a variety of options when in hiring decisions to make sure that the teachers are reflective of the populations they serve. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good morning, everyone. i'm the dean of destruction at e.r. resident middle school i was not a teacher of america core member i'm going to identify and train and develop teachers who are outstanding and do right by our convicts it is the coolest job in the whole word for the public testimony issues they are not abstract but real i know the harder positions to fill and the kids that will be in classes taught and substitutes and there are our most vounl population
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this story a not in the course to e.r. resident we've been told that our success in the last couple of years has been so great no one can learner of us we're here to say we're looeng from us everyday and one of the biggest learner is options make a difference preserve the array of opposition to hire the best possible teachers for our kids thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening commissioners and superintendent carranza i work as a resource literacy teacher i was raised in san francisco and joined teachers of american in a city that i love and in community i care about teachers of america has challenged me to create a change
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in my clamor i plan on teach for years to come and it's any commitment to education i appreciate the opportunity and hope to continue be that teacher in the district. >> good evening i'm chris a 7th grade e.r.verett knowledge and cultural social mindset but we know that harder any of the teachers are banking down the doors of everett it is actually almost always between a core member or another young people and rolling intutsz with a
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certificate teacher this is our realty but i'm thankful we have core members and students that have the attitude. >> love and come to everett to make sure that the students get a great education it is rooted no academics anti racism i want the best teachers in front of the clamor and it is teachers of america. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i him sophie a teacher at pea body and taught another bryant elementary it is my 13 year as a classroom teacher board certified and 2002 core member have teachers of america i'm here to say how councilmember bonin important it is to you we have the best classroom teachers every child deserves a teacher
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of a great quality and our commitment to the equality and we joined. >> teachers of america we have a commitment we're serving all the students the best and hope that door that helped me to be the teacher i am is open to all the opportunities for the teachers to join and be the best teachers because the students deserve that >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening loretta elementary teacher bilingual teacher i'm here as an 18 year master teacher and coach and i've been a latino president and here to say i want the best teachers in front of want students i've seen the gambit i'm saying the what tfa teachers
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and i have encountered to bring to the students underserved bring a different lens and energy and together working collaborating with teachers naefrnz the trenches obey in the trenches know we need those smart partners to make us better we together can move our students to get the education they deserve see things from a different light that is about mindset and the mindset they bring really inspires many teachers and especially those students they serve thank you thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi my name is kari american people instruction coach it is my 7 of the year in the district it was a place as a core member in y8
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i'm a career member i have no idea of leaving teaching i'm sdoimentd none of us are perfect in the work all of us are continually learn as a coach where over 50 percent have teachers have two years ever less ever experience i ask you to anyone i've worked with traditionally certified and teachers on other alternative pathway i'm commented to work with any teacher that cares about growth and student achievement and i hope you are two. >> temple. >> i'm katie a special education teacher and second year tfa core member and
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daughter of someone that worked in the public system i stand up for that the tfa the contract for teachers we're motivated and smart many of whom i work with in this room tfa provided me with the opportunity to change access at the age of 28 i wanted to look at this after i greeted other access i won't be able to stay in san francisco with my income but the train has helped me serve my students effective as a special education teacher i know my role i love is hard in the district tfa helps us to bring in the threatened core members of tfa 2013 that are here and all of them are at their schools
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for 3 years and happy to serve in my role and ask you approve that contract thank you. >> so that is 10 minutes so how many remaining supporter are there one? okay. please go ahead one minute please. great, thank you i'm the assistant principle of everett my mind? my 12 year and consider myself a career educator i'll ask you approve this this is what is good for our children i honestly can't understand how severing one of other most effective avenues of putting certified teachers this is a
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political debate amongst the adults entertains is our public testimony for teachers of color 58 percent of our teachers are people of color teachers of america brings our highest numbers have teachers of color our students at eir reiterates have a approved impact on our students when asking some of my most vulnerable students who they lower than the most they name some of our teachers of america staff i have more to say but i respect the time >> thank you we've concluded 9 speakers with 12 minutes i'll allow 12 maintenance or minimums for those who don't support of resolution. >> good